Innovation and R&D

Researchers: Ata-ul Munim, Charlotte Yates, Greig Mordue, Jeffrey Carey, Mike Smitka, Peter Warrian

Innovation and R&D are critical to the competitiveness and sustainability of Canada’s automotive industry. Recently, Canadian policy-makers identified improving Canada’s manufacturing innovation and R&D performance as a means to improve the competitiveness of the automotive industry. Several APRC research projects examines Canada’s automotive innovation and R&D performance and the role and impact of public policies designed to support and promote Canada as a location for automotive innovation and R&D. These include:

  • A study of Canada’s automotive R&D performance in the 21st Century, including analyses of automotive R&D spending and of automotive-related patents developed in Canada. A recent presentation based on this research is available here.
  • An international comparison of environmental policies and their impact on automotive innovation. The results of this research are available here.
  • A case study of the APMA’s efforts to promote Canadian technologies through the collaborative Connected Vehicle Technology Showcase. A report based on this research is available here.