In addition to helping stakeholders and policy-makers better understand the link between public policy and a competitive automotive industry, the APRC has created a network of experts across various academic fields and industrial backgrounds. This has been accomplished by building relationships between academic researchers and representatives from industry, labour, and all three levels of government, and by training of more than 50 graduate, post-graduate, and undergraduate students in manufacturing policy.

Board of Directors

Dr. Charlotte A.B. Yates

President, APRC and President & Vice-Chancellor, University of Guelph

[email protected]

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Dr. John Holmes

Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography, Queen's University

[email protected]

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Dr. Greigory Mordue

ArcelorMittal Dofasco Chair in Advanced Manufacturing, McMaster University

[email protected]

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Bassel Kazzaz

Director, Research and Market Intelligence

[email protected]

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Sarah Norton

Research Analyst

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Amaiya Khardenavis

Research & Data Analyst

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Research Associates

Dr. Alex Covarrubias

Sonora College of Mexico

[email protected]

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Dr. Jorge Carrillo

El Colegio de la Frontera Norte

[email protected]

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Kristin Dziczek

CAR Group

[email protected]

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Dr. Mathieu Dupuis


[email protected]

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Dr. Lorenzo Frangi


[email protected]

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Dr. Susan Helper

Case Western Reserve

[email protected]

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Dr. Patrice Jalette

Université de Montréal

[email protected]

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Dr. Thomas Klier

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

[email protected]

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Dr. Wayne Lewchuk

McMaster University

[email protected]

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Dr. Gregor Murray

Université de Montréal

[email protected]

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Dr. Tod Rutherford

Syracuse University

[email protected]

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Dr. Jim Stanford

The Australia Institute

[email protected]

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Dr. Brendan Sweeney

Trillium Network For Advanced Manufacturing

[email protected]

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John Tennant

W2N2 Partnership

[email protected]

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Dr. Peter Wells

Cardiff University

[email protected]

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Dr. David Wolfe

University of Toronto

[email protected]

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Dr. Jeffrey Carey


[email protected]

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