APRC Database

The Automotive Policy Research Centre (APRC) Database of Canada's Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers

Searching & Filtering the Results in the Database
This search bar allows you to search for facilities by plant name, company division and parent company name.
Use this filter to pick the province to view.
Filter your results by census division.
Use this filter to search for automotive companies and facilities within cities or towns.
This search bar allows you to search for a specific automotive product, service or process.
This filter allows you to filter your results by the 6-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code.
The facilities within this database are grouped within 25 categories according to their product or service. Use this filter to narrow down your results based on the automotive product or process category.
Select among five different types of company ownership types.
Filter the results by the nationality of each of the companies, or the nationality of the parent company (if applicable).
Narrow down the results by the number of employees in each facility.
Narrow down the results by the square footage of each facility.
Use this filter to view the unionized and non-unionized automotive manufacturing facilities.
Select among the unions listed in this filter.

For more information on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, please follow this link.

Navigating the Database
Click on one of the pins on the map to view the details of each facility.
Use the arrows to navigate the list of automotive facilities and companies.
This presents the total number of facilities and companies in the database, or the number of facilities and companies displayed after filtering the results.
The Information & Data

The Automotive Policy Research Centre (APRC) uses publicly available data to build and expand the database. The APRC also works on ensuring that the data points provided in the database are accurate and reliable. Therefore, the data in the database can be best described as the most recently available and reliable information.

While the tool allows users to search and filter the database, it is also possible to select and view information of facilities and companies from the map. Users can also use the arrows under the map to navigate the list of facilities and companies displayed. Upon searching, filtering or selecting from the map, the results can be viewed in the table below, as well as under the facility or company information.

The APRC will also continuously work on expanding the focus of the database. While automotive manufacturing and automotive technologies are covered within the database, new emerging technologies are becoming increasingly relevant within the automotive industry. For this reason, future updates may bring major additions and changes to the APRC Database.

For any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out at [email protected]